Saturday, March 5, 2011


Lord the cultist minions has begun to uprise on Tkconius. This esculation of activity will hid the insertion of the Death Rite. With the dark purpus and disaplin that the Death Rite are know for this world and its wayward lord will learn at their paral what it mean to battle the deciples of death.
This world and others will provide a proving ground for our newly inducted legionairs from the Gore Fangs. Allready these legionaries from Pandora and IsIs III are beginning to spread all throught the Gothimos Sector. Though few in number these coverts will be agmented by the thousands of Death Rite that the Gore Fangs have allready deployed in the wake of chaos of cultist uprisings.
Your wisdom has seen this through, but I fear that with your most loyal Champions leaving Clafax to lead these new troops you will find your self vulnrable to the hounds of the lesser faiths. Behold the Rise of the Twelth!  

 “Primordial Agripon” on the Tkconius uprising

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