Known Command Structure

The Legion of Vauk

Killion Vauk
Exalted Lord Ascendant of the Blood Host
Former Captain 2nd Co. World Eaters

Primordial Agripon
God Standard of the Blood Host
Equerry to Exalted Lord Killion Vauk
Former Ancient 2nd Co.  World Eaters

Champion of Vauk
Former Champion of Kalverous Rex
Former Lieutenant 8th Assault Co. World Eaters

Keeper of the Blood Seal of Khron
Former God Standard to the Deamon Prince Gor'mec'Khron

Murderon Halth
Exalted Skull Champion of the 1st Maelstorm of Gore
Former Lieutenant 2nd Co. World Eaters

Fastion Rom
Icon Bearer of the 1st Maelstorm of Gore

Exalted Skull Champion of the 2nd Maelstrom of Gore
Former Lieutenant 2nd Co. World Eaters

Icon Bearer of the 2nd Maelstorm of Gore

Berzerker Surgeon
Former Apothecary 2nd Comp. World Eaters

Argos Farron
Exalted Champion of Khorne
Former Forge Master 2nd Co. World Eaters

Lahon Khable
Skull Champion 1st Berzerker Konterum

Khalipson Vang
Skull Champion 2nd Berzerker Konterum

Skull Champion 3rd Berzerker Konterum

Skull Champion 5th Berzerker Konterum

Aspiring Champion 5th World Eater Konterum

Terron Vall
Skull Champion 6th Berzerker Konterum

Hawthorn Khail
Skull Champion 7th Berzerker Konterum

Skull Champion 8th Berzerker Konterum
Former 8th Squad 2nd Co. World Eaters

Aspiring Champion 9th World Eater Konterum

Aspiring Champion 10th World Eater Konterum

Terminator Lord of Khorne
Former Captain of the Terminator Elite 2nd Co. World Eaters

Champion Standard Bearer

Aspiring Champion

The Adimantor

Hanneron Antonius Styphon Rage
High lord of the Adimantor, Lord Rage, True Chosen of Khorne, Praetorian Champion of South Gate, The Second of Eight, The Brass Butcher, Herald of South Gate, Member of the House of the True Chosen,
Former Exalted Lord and founder of the Blood Host, Former Devourer Champion

Nazercron A
Herald of Lord Rage
Dheron Bhal
Lord of Massacres,
God Slandered of the Blood Host, Bearer of the Shroud of Angron

Bathlyon Lho
Lord of Genocides
Sheld Bearer

Mhazon Sol
Lord of Atrocities
Sheld Bearer

Norbricon Tohr
Lord of Damnation's
Sheld Bearer

The Gore Fangs

Mathis Mhar
Lord of the Gore Fangs
Formal Captain of unknown Astartes Chapter

Chaos Evangolit, Chaos Champion of the Chosen of Mhar

Aspiring Champion of 1st Fang

Aspiring Champion of 2nd Fang

Aspiring Champion of 4th Fang

Chaos Tech Marine, Aspiring Champion of Havoc's

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