Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The Blood Host is a legion of Khorne whose origins can be traced back to the first war of Armageddon. Parts of the host have been rumoured to have even fought in the Great Crusade. Most notable is the core of the legion which seems to be formed around the remnants of a number of World Eaters companies. One of its most recent additions would be The Gore Fangs. The Gore Fangs are a chaos space marine war band that has formed in recent centuries.

Much of the rage and vengeance that form the collective psyche of the host comes from its founder Lord Antonius Syphen Hannron.  Lord Hannron would later become an avatar of Khorne and pass the mantel leadership to its current leader, Lord Killion
 Vauk. It would be Lord Vauk who would temper this rage and vengeance into a Legion capable of horrific violence and butchery.

The Blood Host in its current form is more militant and organized then the loose fraternity of Bazerkers at its inception. To speculate one might attribute this to the mono dormant orthodox belief in the cult of Khorne the legion follows with a fanatical religious devotion that is second to none. Blood Priests tend to be prevalent among the officer cadre. Even Lord Vauk is anointed in this ancient Khorne order.