Saturday, March 5, 2011


Lord it would seem that your cohort had walked into the guns of Titan. Though ravaged I can see you have marched from the field with your head held high. The 1st Satiran that made planet fall  have seem to have sucseeded in the mission. They have left the temple complex with the relics of their fals profits. Their leader Duke Vladimir Esteban XIV who clames the tital of War Master of the armies of Gothimos had been previousely deployed on IsIs III and was enbroiled in a two front war gainst a combined chaos host as well as a xenos faction of a unknown origin.
Our losses on our front have heavy but we will survive. We have received word from New Calfax City, the seige goes as pland, soon the Space Port of the Assention will be completely serounded with the exception of shore line that makes up it easter quorter. With no naval assets the lords of the crusade are maying the ocian no head. Fools every on of them I tell you.
The Gore Machine is rallying all Khorne forces on Clafax for a final push on the space port, and your contigent my lord is umong the vangaurd of the final assualt. The hour is at hand my lord. Blood for the Blood God

“Primordial Agripon” report from the killing fields of Calfax


It would seem my lord that Mathus Mhar has surfaced on Tkconius. He has engaged a sizable imperil guard redgiment self identifing them selves as the 1st Satiran. Though formadable Lord Mhar clams that he bad the battle won. The divelopment the turned the tide profoundly was the untimly intervention of what Mhar disribed as the Gray Saint.
Lord Mhars choise of words is not lost on one of my kind. It would seem my lord that once again Gray Astartes walk again on the planets of the Gothimos Sector. Blood for the Blood God!

“Primordial Agripon” field report from the Tkconius front


Though it galls me my lord that this crusade is not waged purely in Khornes name, I am still reminded of the dark majesty of assembled chaos legions waging war against the false Imperium of Man. Almost akin to the battles of the heresy, once again World Eater, Death Guard, and Word Bearer march line abreast into the guns of those of lesser faith.
Through the Breach created by the Storm Blade deployed by the Word Bearers the Gore Machine was able to enter the city proper. New Clafax city has always been his objective as was ours, for the greatest bloodletting the world would ever see would happen in the city named after the planets name sack. Let the Red River Flow!

“Primordial Agripon” at the battle for “Sovereign Gate”


My Honored Lord, I have heard of your victory and even now the Gore Machines actions are eclipsed by the divisive victory you have claimed in Khornes name against the loyalist Astates. For ever in your sight may the long war be waged.
With my own eyes I have seen the first chink in the Gore Machines armour.  The Nurgle war host known as the Creeping Death made planet fall on Calfax. The Gore Machine marched out to meet them on the field of battle. The battle was worthy of Khorne and though many of our numbers fell along side theirs our blood to was welcome. They are a formidable foe, and a would be ally. They would not bend before the Gore Machine nor give ground.  At the conclusion of the battle the Gore Machine declared the duel a draw and that the Creeping Death was worthy to march side by side with the Blood Host.
This proclamation was no honor, for those of the Creeping Death did not take it as such. Skulls for the Skull Thrown!

“Primordial Agripon” at the conclusion of battle with the war host of the “Creeping Death”


Lord the cultist minions has begun to uprise on Tkconius. This esculation of activity will hid the insertion of the Death Rite. With the dark purpus and disaplin that the Death Rite are know for this world and its wayward lord will learn at their paral what it mean to battle the deciples of death.
This world and others will provide a proving ground for our newly inducted legionairs from the Gore Fangs. Allready these legionaries from Pandora and IsIs III are beginning to spread all throught the Gothimos Sector. Though few in number these coverts will be agmented by the thousands of Death Rite that the Gore Fangs have allready deployed in the wake of chaos of cultist uprisings.
Your wisdom has seen this through, but I fear that with your most loyal Champions leaving Clafax to lead these new troops you will find your self vulnrable to the hounds of the lesser faiths. Behold the Rise of the Twelth!  

 “Primordial Agripon” on the Tkconius uprising


My lord we have finally received word from Pandora. Adept Balthor along with Mathus Mhar of the Gore Fangs have engaged a sizable Blood Angle force on the arsenal world. He has insured me that the battle will grind on as long as you need it to. Once the level of palatable attrition is meet Mathus Mhar and his Gore Fangs will make planet fall on IsIs III. Once there a he will meet with the sizable Iron Warrior force that has ground that Battle Moon to dust over the course of the last year. He proclaims that he will meet with the War Smith of the Iron Renegades and personally deliver the message you wish for the Iron Warrior. Skulls for the Skull Thrown!

“Primordial Agripon” on the progress of the Pandorian War


The purity of your vision for the Gothimos Sector is at an impasse. The Gore Machine has summoned chaos lords and deamons of all faiths to Gothimos. Their blood will mix with ours and one way or another Khorne will be given his due.

Ra'dimas'Khan though in the vanguard of the Gore machine seems to be operating under his own accord. He has pulled to him a number of possessed World Eaters and is rampages ahead of the main thrust of the Gore Machine. He has engaged a number of platoon elements garrisoning listening stations and forward observation post. He has been highly successful. Blood for the Blood God!

 “Primordial Agripon” field report in the wake of the “Gore Machine” march