Saturday, March 5, 2011


My Lord Khorne, damnation be your name, may all of creation and the nether born burn in the fires of your wars. I Killion Vauk bend my knee to you my lord in supplication and offer my confession of the wars I wage in your name.

The coven of Clafax has been discovered by local PDF and at this time I know that they are being executed for crimes against the False Emperor. This is of no concern, for we have learned all that we need to know. Upon their discovery so to was the temple of worship dedicated to the war to come. Even with this holy site being destroyed we still have many others dedicated in your name and their siren call is more than strong enough to guide the space hulk you have gifted me, The Skull Throw, through the warp.  

Within hours we will begin translation into the warp. The Blood Host shall leave this desolate eastern fringe behind and make for the Gothimos Sector. The Blood Crusade is to be Launched in your name. Honor to my Lord Khorne, for all my works are done in your name. Let the Red River Flow!

Exalted Lord Killion Vauk praying to Khorne at the launch on the Blood Crusade

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