Saturday, March 5, 2011


My Lord Khorne damnation be your name, may all of creation and the nether born burn in the fires of your wars. I Killion Vauk bend my knee in supplication to you my lord and offer my confession of the wars I wage in your name.

My lord the leading elements of the host made planet fall once the orbital fortress was over rune. Myself shall be one the surface of the world within the hour. I shall make the river Thanose red with the blood of the unfaithful, and sunder Mt Vernus as a symbol to all of Gothimos of what is to come.

Let this world in your name become the alter that shall summon the trillions you command in your realm of Blood. Honor to you my Lord Khorne for all my works are done in your name. Blood for the Blood God!

Exalted Lord Killion Vauk in holy prayer to Khorne before the primary assault of Calfax

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