Saturday, March 5, 2011


Lord it would seem that your cohort had walked into the guns of Titan. Though ravaged I can see you have marched from the field with your head held high. The 1st Satiran that made planet fall  have seem to have sucseeded in the mission. They have left the temple complex with the relics of their fals profits. Their leader Duke Vladimir Esteban XIV who clames the tital of War Master of the armies of Gothimos had been previousely deployed on IsIs III and was enbroiled in a two front war gainst a combined chaos host as well as a xenos faction of a unknown origin.
Our losses on our front have heavy but we will survive. We have received word from New Calfax City, the seige goes as pland, soon the Space Port of the Assention will be completely serounded with the exception of shore line that makes up it easter quorter. With no naval assets the lords of the crusade are maying the ocian no head. Fools every on of them I tell you.
The Gore Machine is rallying all Khorne forces on Clafax for a final push on the space port, and your contigent my lord is umong the vangaurd of the final assualt. The hour is at hand my lord. Blood for the Blood God

“Primordial Agripon” report from the killing fields of Calfax

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