Adimantar - terminator body gaurd lords with in the Blood Host

Angron - primarch of the 12th legion astartes World Eaters

Armageddon - imperial hive world within Segmentum Solar

Bhal' hale' Rom - deamon lord of Khorne, rumored to be one of the eight guardians of the Thrown of Skulls

Blood Host - a chaos space marine legion dedicated to Khorne

Blood Priest - a chaos priesthood dedicated to the mono dominant cult of Khorne

Blood Seal - icon believed to hold sway over the deamon prince Gor'mek'Khorn

Blood Scion - chaos defiler slaved to the Blood Host

Blister Fang - a deamon weapon wielded by Lord Killion Vauk

Crimson Baptism - holy ritual with in the Blood Host

Crucifixion of Rages - 2nd berzerker dreadnought within the Blood host

Dark General - see Lord Wrath

Death Right - militant chaos cult built on the template of the Imperial Guard

Doom War Fire Maul - greater deamon of Khorne bound to the Blood Host

Dread Praetorian - house hold lord of a fortress hell gate, see lord Warth

Evangolit - a religious figure that preaches the warped virtues of chaos

Exalted - see Blood Priest

Fallen One - see Angron

God Standard of Khorne - see Shroud of Angron

Gore machine of Khorne - see Gor'mec'Khron

Gothimos Prime - imperial sector capital within Segmentum Tempestus, also see Gothimos Sector

Gothimos Sector - a sector in south west of Segmentum Tempestus

Gor'mec'Khron - bound Deamon Price that once subjugated the Blood Host

Gore Fangs - a chaos undivided war band within the Blood Host

Hell Gates - the name for the eight great fortress gates that surrounds Khornes realm

House of the True Chosen - house hold ruled by Lord Wrath

Konterum - a formation of solders numbering eight

Legion of Rage - World Eater cohort within the Blood Host under the command of Hannron Rage, latter decimated by a unknown foe

Legion of Rex - World Eater cohort within the Blood Host, latter distroyed on the shores of Gothimos

Legion of Vauk - World Eater cohort within the Blood Host under the command of Killion Vauk

Legions of Vauk - name referring to the Blood Host in later histories

Lord of Rages - a title bestowed to Killion Vauk by Lord Wrath at during the Blood Storm Crusade

Lord Rage - Antonius Styphon Hannron of the Blood Host

Lord War - Ares of Gull of the legion Disiples of War

Lord Wrath - T'raj the Terribal of the legion Deamongorge

Lord Slaughter - Divad of the legion Genocide

Mantle of Vauk - a fur line cloak worn by Killion Vauk rumored to be the banner of a formation he once commanded

Mathus Mhar - chaos lord of the Gore Fangs

Praetorian Champion - house hold champion of a Dread Praetorian

Purgatory of Vengeance - 8th berzerker dreadnought with in the blood host

North Gate - see Hell Gate

Render Burn - strike cruiser of the World Eaters, former flagship of Lord Killion Vauk

Shroud of Angron - a holy icon consecrated in the blood of Angron, and the Blood Hosts most sacred relic

Red Angle - see Angron

The Path -  The Path of Enlightenment and Galactic Purification is a chaos cult dedicated to Khorne that often masks it self as a anti xenos cult

Tomb of Furies - berzerker dreadnought with in the Blood Host
True Chosen - believed to be of the royal blood line of Khorne

Sepulchre of Torments - the 7th berzerker dreadnought within the Blood Host

Skull Lord - an exalted skull champion

Skull Thrown - World Eater battle barge, also the known name of a chaos space hulk commanded by Lord Vauk

South Gate - the fortress hell gate of the House of the True Chosen

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