Time Line

1. The Blood Host. (Blood Host is formed at the Conclusion of the First War of Armageddon on the site of the shattered mortal shell of Angron. A banner was placed over his body as a shroud by Lord Hannron of the World Eaters. This banner, along with remnants of his armour would end up becoming known as, The Shroud of Angron, the God Standard of the Blood Host. On this holy banner the brotherhood of the Blood Host swore oaths of moment to the holy cause of the resurrection of their deamon primarch Angron.)

2. The Prophecy of Khainus (A prophesy is uncovered that heralds the coming the second of the True Chosen Sons of Khorne "Lord Rage". In a vission from his god Lord Hanneron learns of his lineage and is elevated to a member of Khornes court. The titles Exalted Lord of Rags, "Eral of Gormaroth and Duke of Ashar, are bestowed on Lord Hannron by Khorne.)

3. The Gormarothian War (The Blood Host descends on the deamon world Gormeroth. After years of fighting the world becomes subjugated, and the planets ruling Deamon Price Gor’mec’Khron is thrown into exile.)

4. The Division (The Blood Host crusade’s into the realm of man, Exalted Lord Hannron Rage to the Eastern Fringe, will join in console with his known brother the Exalted Lord Wrath. Kalverous Rex to the Galactic south west to clam the second of lord rages fiefdoms, and Killion Vauk is left as regent of Gormeroth.)

5. Second war of Gothimos ( Kalverous Rex unleashes the warp on Gothimos, "Ashar", blockading the capitol world from the rest of its sector and attempts to bring the world into the warp.)

6. The Fall of Rage (Lord Hannron Rage and his flag ship the Skull Thrown is lost after warring with an unknown hive fleet.)

7. Gothimos Triumphant (Gothimos Expaditonary Force takes back Gothimos Prime, Kalverous Rex becomes possessed by a greater deamon of Khorne, this deamon is subsequently banished by Kalverous Rexs former champion Rademus Khan)

8. Devistation of the Gormaroth ( Lord Killion Vauk with the aid of Lord Mathis Mhar of the Gore Fangs destroys the deamon world Gormaroth after the former Demon Prince of the world “Gor'mec'Khron” attempts to bring the deamon world back under his control.)

9. Pilgrimage to the East ( Lord Killion Vauk leaves the Eye of Terror at the onset of the 13th black crusade, Killion angers the Despoiler when he refuses to march his Legion under Abandons’ banner in pursuit of his own agenda, to find Lord Rage.)

10. Bitter Discovery (Killion Vauk reaches the suspected site of the fall of Lord Rage after the scouring of nearby devastated worlds Killion discovers an infested space hulk that he titles “The Skull Thrown.”)

11. Reunion on the Fringe (Killion reunites with the remnants of the Legion of Rage as well as Rademus Khan the lone survivor of the Legion of Rex and learns of the demise of Kalverous Rex in the Gothimos Sector.)

12. The Blood Crusade (High Lord Killion Vauk declares crusade and sets sail with the the Skull Thrown and a armada of ships into the warp to the Gothimos sector)

13. Invasion of Shrine World (The Legions of Vauk planet strike the most holy planet in the Gothimos sector “Calfax”.)

14. Medusa V (Gore'mec'Khron was rumored to have fought during this campaign)

15. Invasion of Tckonius (The Death Rite invade the bread basket of Gothimos)

16. The Gore machine unleashed (The Deamon Prince “Gore’Mec’Khron” is summoned and unleashed on the surface of Calfax overwhelming a large Gray Knight contingent.)

17. Revenge of the High Handed Slayer ( Killion Vauk loses control of the Gore machine of Khorne, many of the deamon princes former followers within the Legion of Vauk rally under their former masters banner.)

18. Reconciliation (Killion is forced to bow before the might of Gore’mec’Khorn.)

19. The Pardon of Mhar ( Mathis Mhar goes to ground with in the Gothimos Sector even though he has been pardoned by the Deamon Price Gore’mec’Khron for his betrail at Gormaroth.)

20. The Blood Crusade II (The Demon Price Gor’mec’Khron rally’s a legion of Chaos Lords of all faiths to the Gothimos Sector.)

21. The invasion of Pandora (The Gore Fangs along with the Death Rite invade the arsenal world waging war against the Blood Andles.)

22. The invasion of IsIs III (Mathis Mhar of the Gore Fangs resurfaces on the battle moon and wages war against imperial and xenos forces)

23. Banishment of the Gore Machine (Gore’mec’Khron is banished on the killing fields of Calfax but not before he sacrafices the Blood Host to the Blood God Khorne)

24. The Fall of Calfax (New Calfax City falls and with it the world that is its name sake.)

25. Reserection War (The Eldar have come to their former Maden World to destroy the Mortal remains of Killion Vauk.)

26. The Fall Of Khain (The resurrected form of Killion Vauk rally’s the remnants of his legion as he single handedly destroys the Avatar of Khain.)

27. Conquering the thrown (After the Eldar defeat, Killion Vauk and his remaining World Eaters board the Skull Thrown and bring the ancient space hulk back under their control)
28. The Brass Butcher (Deep in a previously undiscovered section of the Skull Thrrown Killion discovers in stasis the mortally wounded body of this former high Lord Hannron Rage and his Praetorian Lords)

29. Blood Dept (Killion Vauk awakens Lord Rage and learns of the Blood Storm Crusade and the planet Triton, deep in the MaelstromZone. Killion  leaves the Gothimos Sector with his remaining World Eaters and Lord Mhar of the Gore Fangs for the planet Triton.)

30. Killing Fields of Triton (The Remnants of the Legion of Vauk once again march in the presence of Lord Rage. If there is to be one last battle for Lord Rage and the Legion of vauk it will be with his Brothers on Tritan.)

31. The Blood Storm (The Chaos Lords of the lesser faiths fall before the Legion Maximus of the True Chosen of Khorne.)

32. Triumph of Triton (Placed back in stasis Lord Rage is at rest till the next time his brothers march to war. Killion Vauk is honoured with the Title Lord of Rages by the Dark General "Lord Warth" and is rewarded greatly for his devotion to the cause of the House of the True Chosen.)

33. Battle of the North Gate (The Lord of Rages Killion Vauk at the head of revitalized legions, gather at the Great North Gate to begin transit back to the Gothimos Sector. Armies of all races and faiths gather to prevent his return. Lord Wraths at the head of his Legion Maximus marches to war allowing Lord Killions translation back to the Gothimos Sector)

34. The Ascension Wars (Killion makes planet fall on Oblivion Mons “formally Calfax” and wages war with the chaos lords of the lesser faiths.)

35. Conclave of Ruin (Killion is titled Punisher Lord of Mortals by the chaos lords of the lesser faith begrudgingly at the conclusion of the Ascension Wars)

36. Invasion of Ostica Cardinal (Killion learns of the flight of the imperial army of Calfax to the world of Ostica , He Orders the desolation of the Cardinal World.)

37. The Battle of Usuard (It is determined by the Conclave of Ruin that Usuard is the key to the invasion of Ostical Cardinal)

38. The Desolation of Usuard (The World Eater strike cruiser Renderburn under punishing imperial fire crashes into the moon of Usuard delivering a devastating blow to the imperial defence net work of the moon.

39. The Battle of Ha'manWall (Imperial Astarties under the command of Iron Father Draken repel a large chaos coalition army attempting to capture the fortress of Ha'manwall, Deamons of Khorne attempting to materialise in the mortal plain a repelled by the forces of the Nugle Legion of the Creeping Death.)

40. The Battle of Hydins Ridge (Imperil forces unable to hold Ha'manwall pull back to Hydins Ridge, the last natural defence of imperial held territory on the moon of Usuard. The Brass Butcher as well was Gor'mec'Khron were said to have be seen fighting Imperial Deffenders at Valin Gorge.)

41. Ambush at the runins of Ha'manwall (The chaos rnagades know as the Pyre ambush a Blood Host warband. The warband under the command of Champion Magron is unable to complet the mission they were tasked with, the recovery of an anciant relic baried deep beneath the ruins of Ha'manwall.)

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