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The Blood Host


Exalted Lord Killion Vauk

Lord Rage


Blood Host Diployment



The Deffenders of Valins Pass

"Blood of the Blood God!"

Khorne Blood Slaughterer

"I Am Your Doom!"

The Brass Butcher is Here

Blood Host on the March

Openning Stages of the Battle of Usuard

The Death Rite

The Seige of New Calfax City

 6th Berzerker Konterum

"Lord Ha'dra'Dhon" and "Deamon Prince Gor'mec'Khorn"

The Seige of New Calfax City

Khorne Lord "Ra'dimas'Khan"

Primordial Aggripon

Killing Feilds of New Calfax

"Let the Red River Flow!"

"You and Me!"

"Kill the Beast!"

"In Khornes Name the Baneblade is Dead!"


"The Honor is Ours Now!"

Chaos Wast Coast Wars 2009


Chaos Waste Coast War 2009

Chaos Dooms Day Device

Murderon Halth

The Blood Host on the March

Ambush at the Ruins of Ha'manwall

Ambush at Ha'manwall


Dark Adeptus "Cyreen Kul"

Chaos Wast Coast War 2010

The True Chosen of Khorne


Vages GT 08

Vages GT 08

Vages GT 08

Vages GT 08

The Gore Fangs

You Shall Not Pass!

Lords "Meduron Halth" and "Fastion Rom"

Champion of Champions "Ra'dimas'Khan"

 2nd Berzerker Konterum

Gore Fang Dreadnought "Masadon"


Rampage of the Blood Host
"Khrag Splitter"
Blood Hunt

 1st Berzerker Konterum

Gore Fang Heavy Weapon Position

Khorne Deamon Lord "Bhal'hale'Rom"


Allied Titan Support



"Judandic" of the Gore Fangs

Old Score!

The Ascension War

This is Our Hour!


"Gore Feaster"

Into Them!
"Thorn 2"

The Charge of "Doom War Fire Maul"

Bring Him Down!

The Shroud of Angron


World Eaters 2nd Co. Terminator Elite



This is Our Hour!



The Duel of Blood and Plague



Blood Bath

March Massacre 2011

Victory is Ours!

Drop Site Over Run!


The Adimantar

Charge of the Templars




The Battle of Grashars Summite

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