Saturday, March 5, 2011


My Honored Lord, I have heard of your victory and even now the Gore Machines actions are eclipsed by the divisive victory you have claimed in Khornes name against the loyalist Astates. For ever in your sight may the long war be waged.
With my own eyes I have seen the first chink in the Gore Machines armour.  The Nurgle war host known as the Creeping Death made planet fall on Calfax. The Gore Machine marched out to meet them on the field of battle. The battle was worthy of Khorne and though many of our numbers fell along side theirs our blood to was welcome. They are a formidable foe, and a would be ally. They would not bend before the Gore Machine nor give ground.  At the conclusion of the battle the Gore Machine declared the duel a draw and that the Creeping Death was worthy to march side by side with the Blood Host.
This proclamation was no honor, for those of the Creeping Death did not take it as such. Skulls for the Skull Thrown!

“Primordial Agripon” at the conclusion of battle with the war host of the “Creeping Death”

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