Saturday, March 5, 2011


My lord we have finally received word from Pandora. Adept Balthor along with Mathus Mhar of the Gore Fangs have engaged a sizable Blood Angle force on the arsenal world. He has insured me that the battle will grind on as long as you need it to. Once the level of palatable attrition is meet Mathus Mhar and his Gore Fangs will make planet fall on IsIs III. Once there a he will meet with the sizable Iron Warrior force that has ground that Battle Moon to dust over the course of the last year. He proclaims that he will meet with the War Smith of the Iron Renegades and personally deliver the message you wish for the Iron Warrior. Skulls for the Skull Thrown!

“Primordial Agripon” on the progress of the Pandorian War

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